First Round of Donations Complete✔️

Posted by Freya Hughes on

First Round of Donations Complete ✔️

Thank you to everyone who has bought a hoodie so far - you’ve  helped us to make our donations to Crisis in time for  Christmas distribution! 

After speaking to Crisis, it turns out that they are more in need of underwear than hoodies.  So, from the money collected from the first 150 hoodies, we have been able to donate 1,788 items of  women’s and men’s underwear in various sizes. 

The donations from the remaining hoodies in Batch No. 1 will be made on completion of the batch selling out. £1 from each hoodie sold will be donated towards purchasing additional clothing (like underwear) most needed by Crisis.

Please help us spread the word so that we can hit our target before Christmas and help support the homeless this winter!